Forget about next year!

Why? Well at this time of year, apart from the Christmas rush, we begin to hear people talking about plans for next year, new resolutions to be set, goals to be achieved, and getting the last bit in before the inevitable 31st of the month. So STOP!

For just the next five minutes, how about we do something different? How about we grab a cup of our favourite hot drink, and just sit down and reflect. Reflect on the year just gone and start to list out the things you’re grateful for. The things you have achieved. New learnings, new adventures that you took, where you stretched yourself, the new relationships that you’ve developed, the things that you have achieved over the last twelve months. List them all out and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

You see it’s human nature to look ahead. To see the “gap”. That area in our lives that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, or is not working well. We’re always chasing, worrying, and psychologically beating ourselves up for not having achieved the things that we were looking to achieve! How does that make us feel?

But what about our list of achievements and what we’re grateful for? We tend not to look at that list. Yet if we were to, how better would you feel as we come to a close of another year?

So go ahead and start making that list of all the things you’re grateful for. Even email the list to me as your commitment to doing it. Then review your list and relish in the moment of how good it feels.