Dublin Book Festival

Join our panel of experts for a seminar on how your business can survive and even flourish in the recession. Entrepreneur Feargal Quinn will give tips on how to make your business successful with what has worked for him in the past, while business specialist Paul Davis will offer advice on how to develop your company’s potential.George Mordaunt will impart his experience of how bust businesses can lift themselves out of the mire and recover, while internet guru Darragh Doyle will guide you through communicating and marketing your company online successfully.


Bertrand Dory, LOA Radio Network interviews entrepreneur and author of EVOLVE

This week, we will hear a completely different point of view of business. Business is usually associated with results, numbers, performance, competition, but, as Steve Jobs and others are showing us, if we incorporate some spiritual aspects in our business, it just transforms the way we work, how we interact with other partners, employees and clients, it also make the business more successful in EVERY ways!

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