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We have it within ourselves to be successful. This at the core of my new book“EVOLVE”, which offers a blueprint for business success, based on our own guiding principles and beliefs.

As a leading business development and growth specialist in Ireland, a management accountant and a certified management consultant, I have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years. This experiene hs led me to believe that everyone has it within themselves to truly succeed in business – to truly succeed.

When we connect with our inner selves, as everybody can, then we are doing exactly what we love to do, and it’s as if everything in the universe is contriving to make things happen to move us forward to reach our goals. By working with this inner knowing and applying the principles outlined in this book, we can build a successful business. If we get these foundations right, we will have a business that is sustainable for years into the future.

From my own experience in working with businesses, I realise that the more often these critical factors are implemented into business, the more successful the business leaders become.  These factors will become more relevant in doing business in the future, and businesses that don’t adopt them are likely either to fail or to struggle to make a mark in their sector.

In EVOLVE, what I assert is that when we lift the veil on who we are as individuals and marry that with our business skills, then we have the ability to reach our full potential. From this evolved space, we can make a real difference in our organisations as leaders.

So why not open up to a world of possibilities that are often ignored in a business context, although they are critical for businesspeople as we EVOLVE in the way we do business.

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Senator Feargal Quinn launches EVOLVE business book

Author and business growth consultant Paul Davis and Senator Feargal Quinn

Author and business growth consultant Paul Davis and Senator Feargal Quinn

Senator Feargal Quinn launched my new business book EVOLVE in Dublin this week.  It’s taken nearly four years to get to the publication stage, so it was a day to celebrate for myself, my family and friends, and those I have worked alongside for many years.

Senator Quinn’s address to the launch was both inspiring and highly entertaining and he quoted numerous examples of leading business people who firmly stamp their own principles and beliefs onto their highly successful enterprises.

Patricia Callan, director of the Small Firms Association, with myself and Senator Feargal Quinn at the launch of EVOLVE

Patricia Callan, director of the Small Firms Association, with myself and Senator Feargal Quinn at the launch of EVOLVE

He has every faith in the process outlined in EVOLVE, which offers a step-by-step guide to putting your vision and values at the heart of your business.   Senator Quinn also believes that entrepreneurs can play an important role in promoting this style of business leadership.
“The shocks that markets globally have experienced in the last couple of years have forced large sections of the global

Ian Talbot - CEO, Chambers Ireland and Paul Davis

Ian Talbot – CEO, Chambers Ireland and Paul Davis

economy to re-examine not just the ‘nuts and bolts’ of their business but also how business is done. Many of Paul’s concepts will resonate with readers as elements they bring, or aspire to bring, to their own business lives but this book gives a context and holistic approach which will be invaluable and inspirational. This is a very timely publication”. ~ Ian Talbot – CEO, Chambers Ireland

With EVOLVE publisher Brian O'Kane of Oak Tree Press

With EVOLVE publisher Brian O’Kane of Oak Tree Press


EVOLVE is now available at all good bookshops, at Oak Tree Press and at Amazon – for the paperback version or the Kindle e-book.


Many thanks to Senator Feargal Quinn for performing the launch so perfectly and to publisher Brian O’Kane of Oak Tree Press.