Fishing for Customers

A common theme I find in many small businesses is that they don’t have an effective system of generating leads (i.e. potential customers), and more so they don’t know how to nurture those leads into buying customers.

This can be the local shopkeeper, beauty salon, accountant or printer sales person. When it comes to converting leads into buying customers, every business owner has to get into the head of the customer and figure out what are their concerns and worries. What is it that they need to feel trust with you as a business owner.

Take your own most recent purchase. Something that you hadn’t bought before e.g. a new watch, going to a new hairdresser that you hadn’t been to before, looking for a solicitor to handle your case and one that you hadn’t worked with before.

When doing this; identify the things that go through your mind when researching and deciding which business to buy from.

The truth is, your customer is doing the same thing to you. When you understand these elements, you will be able to put strategies in place to make it easier for your customers to buy from you.