What can we learn from Madonna?

22 Years Ago! Yesterday my wife and I celebrated twenty-two years of marriage.

It’s hard to believe that in 1992 compact discs (CDs) surpassed cassette tapes (for those that remember them) as the preferred medium for recorded music. A text-based web browser was made available to the public for the first time which was then to become the World Wide Web within a few years, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation.

Just as in business, some things last and others don’t, that’s for sure. While some old ways of doing things still work, there are still plenty of things that have changed both in how we grow a business, how we manage our people, and how we provide our products and services to our customers. And new technology has certainly transformed many of the things that we do today.

We can learn a lot from the singer Madonna in how she changed herself as an individual and constantly re-invented herself to meet what the fans were looking for. Just as in marriage we move through stages of personal development and oftentimes we’re not the people we were years ago. It’s that constant dance that needs to take place to meet the needs of ourselves and those around us. There are times we need to dismantle (on paper) how we are doing things, in order to see how we can do them better.

The question for you now is how much have you evolved as an individual and as a business over the years? Have you re-invented yourself, and your business? How have you changed to meet the new needs of your customers?